Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mastitis Update

I took these two new shots yesterday. Vivi's udder is clearly going to come off now. It's obvious. My vet tells me that sometimes with this condition you'll only get tissue loss in parts of the udder and teat, and in that case the whole thing doesn't come off, but is left disfigured and probably unusable. I'd much rather the whole thing comes off like it's apparently doing. The first photo shows the natural color of the whole thing. It has turned pretty leathery but is not completely dried up. It still drains some pretty nasty smelling brownish fluid. The second photo is blurry as she wouldn't hold still for my son to lift her leg up, but you can really see very well the distinct line where dead and living tissue meet.

She's off her meds since last Thursday and is doing well, currently she's in heat. I'm still hot packing her daily, more to clean things up than for any other reason. I'm using Granulex spray along the separation line to reduce scarring and help the healing, and am covering both teats with SWAT to keep flies away.


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